In multiple blog posts we have mentioned Multilingual Knowledge Systems (MKS) and how it is a core component in several applications both monolingual and multilingual. An MKS is in fact a multilingual Enterprise Taxonomy.

We have explained what an MKS is and now we want to advise you how to build one.

People often fear the task of creating the basic infrastructure (Enterprise Taxonomy) for their operations in different countries. They think that it is too costly, needs special expertise and is difficult to maintain. Often due to an expensive software that is homegrown and cumbersome to use. What many do not understand is thatthey already have this data and have been paying for it for years in their translation contracts.

What you need to do is the following:

  • Collect your terminology data in all the languages you need from your translation provider and send it to us at
  • Assign a responsible knowledge carrier with a good overview of your operations. 

At Coreon we will manage your terminology data and in collaboration with you and your experts our team will structure, verify and QA the result.

A RESTful API makes connectivity straight forward. Your company can easily add a new product/service/operation on top of your Enterprise Taxonomy.

Deploy the power of your MKS in your applications. Contact us – we get back to you with a proposal that will do more than make you happy – it will boost you career!


Gudrun is co-founder of Coreon GmbH and a Chief Strategy Officer. She brings the team a passionately innovative and strategic mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, and a long term experience in marketing to global corporates, organisations and institutions.